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Several therapeutic procedures are utilized at Whitworth Chiropractic to help treat our patients. Based on the initial consultation and examination, the doctor will recommend an individualized treatment plan to suit the needs and treatment goals of each patient.

Chiropractic Manipulation
Also known as chiropractic adjustment, this is the most common procedure to help correct structural alignment, decrease musculoskeletal pain and increase range of motion. 

The chiropractor may use their hands, instruments or specialized table techniques to adjust based on the unique needs of each patient. The adjustment may be recommended for specific areas of the spine or extremities.  


Rehabilitative Exercise
Strengthening and stretching exercises are an essentially part in the recovery of injuries, prevention of new injuries and overall musculoskeletal health of the patient. The doctor will recommend specific

exercises and stretches as part of the therapy plan to help improve range of motion and joint mobility, increase function and reduce pain.

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Ultrasound is used as a therapeutic tool to help decrease pain by reducing swelling to an affected area. Ultrasound can also help by speeding up the healing process 

from the increase in blood flow to the treated area. 

Graston Technique
Graston Technique® is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that llows the trained chiropractor to decrease scar tissue and fascial restrictions to improve 

the function and recovery of the treated area.  It is effective in acute and chronic injuries, as well as pre- and post-surgical patients.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Electrical muscle stimulation is used to decrease muscle spasms and the pain associated with them. It is also used for muscle re-education and to help prevent disuse muscle atrophy after musculoskeletal injuries.
Heat/Cold Therapy

The doctor may recommend a specialized heating pack that has been submerged in hot water. This heating pack achieves rapid heating of the tissue due to the more efficient transfer of heating pads used at

home. Heat is used to relax muscle tension and spasms to help facilitate the adjustment. 


Cold therapy may be recommended before or after the adjustment to help reduce inflammation and pain. It is also recommended to treat acute injuries.


Kinesio Tape
Kinesio Tape is used to to support and stabilize muscles and joints  without restricting range of motion. It is used to treat a variety of condition in order to re-

educate the neuromuscular system, promote healing, prevent injury, decrease pain and promote circulation. 


Nutritional Counseling
Nutrition is a vital part to the overall health and wellness of each patient. The doctor can offer guidance based on individual needs to improve and maintain health by means of diet, vitamin/herb intake and mineral requirements. 
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